"Consciousness is an ever-present mystery so ubiquitous that it is taken for granted and ignored. If you allowed yourself to feel into the reality of your awareness, for just a moment, you would realize the magnificence of your being and the sacred wellspring from which the world arises."


Rafael Nasser is an astrologer and qigong practitioner. Both disciplines emerged in his life at the same time, in the same workshop. He discovered that mindful intention shapes the circulatory pathways of the energy field, and that astrological symbols shape archetypal patterns that manifest outwardly as synchronicities that render life meaningful.

For a long time, he assumed that astrology and energy work represented different paths, but eventually, he came to the realization that consciousness was a unifying variable that linked them. He dedicated his interest to the exploration of consciousness. 

Rafael is also a licensed massage therapist. His pursuit of bodywork extended from the realization that body and mind are deeply integrated and that consciousness embraces both domains. You can move your arm and you can move your thoughts. Who is the mover?  

Rafael continued on his journey, humbled by the remarkable teachers he encountered and inspired by the miracles he experienced. Along the way, he helped establish the Middle East branch of the Center for Human Emergence working with Dr. Don Beck and a group of Israelis and Arabs dedicated to helping the region evolve new perspectives. 


Rafael is the author of Under One Sky (Seven Paws Press) and The Master Key (Sounds True) as well as various articles on topics ranging from human emergence to astrology. He is currently working on another book that considers astrological symbols from the perspective of consciousness.  

“Rafael’s special journey in search for an understanding of Qi energy and liberation has given him insightfulness that makes his work extraordinary, illuminating, and unique. I fully recommend him!”


Founder of DanMing Qigong


"Rafael Nasser is one of those rare individuals that has been able to perfectly balance knowledge with power and brilliance with intuition. A single session with him is truly life changing—not just for me, but for everyone I've ever recommended to him!"


Internationally best selling author and founder of The Gabriel Method