THE MASTER KEY: Qigong Secrets for Vitality, Love, and Wisdom


Qigong master Robert Peng and I worked together on this project for three years. The book chronicles Robert’s apprenticeship with his teacher, a legendary monk named Xiao Yao, and the incredible adventures they shared. In addition, the basic theory of Qigong is explained and exercises are described to help the reader develop Qi power and energetic wellbeing.

"Robert Peng's compelling life story illuminates a vast inner world. His clear and incisive teaching expands our understanding of what is possible, and his healing energy is truly remarkable." 


Cofounder, the Insight Meditation Society 


“A great Qigong Master, Robert Peng enlivened the famous life enhancing art of Qi to the United States and Australia, both as practitioner and teacher. I have learnt a huge amount from him.”



"Robert Peng's work is truly phenomenal-impactful on a physical and emotional level, grounding, and centering. I am in awe of his profound gift and the way he has chosen to use it in service to others. He is a true healer and a master at his craft." 


Yogini and founder of Off the Mat and Into the World


“The writing is exquisite, the energy palpable, a treasure. I highly recommend it.”


Yoga instructor



TRANSPERSONAL ASTROLOGY: Explorations at the Frontier


I was invited to write a chapter for this astrological anthology.  The book includes sixteen visions of astrology and its realtionship to the transpersonal realm. 


My Chapter, Astrology: The Noetic Science, explores the theory that over aeons human consciousness empowered the planets and the zodiac with meaning that those noetic structures of consciousness continues to manifests in our lives synchronistically.

"A delightful and nicely written book that places astrology in the broad context of society and human evolution. Each chapter s a small gem in itself. A pleasure to read."


Author of Consiousness Explained Better




I wrote this book in 2004. The premise is intriguing: To challenge twelve world class astrologers to interpret the same birthchart using their respective toolkit—blind!! 


In Under One Sky you get the chance to track how the twelve astrologers analyzed the chart using the unique symbols and techniques that characterize their system. In addition, the astrologers describe their interpretative strategies and presentation. 


How did they measure up? Joyce, the mystery woman whose chart they interpreted contributed her biography to the mix, so you, the reader, get to decide for yourself. The result of this extraordinary astrological experiment is inspiring, humbling, and deeply elucidating.


The twelve astrologers include: Demetra George, Evelyn Roberts, Gary Christen, Hadley Fitzgerald, John Marchesella, Ken Bowser, Kim Rogers-Gallagher, Robert Hand, Robert Schmidt, Ronnie Gale Dreyer, Steven Forrest, Wendy Z. Ashley.

“Anyone seriously interested in astrology will learn more by critically examining this book than virtually any other.”


Dell Horoscope


"A fascinating rambunctious, moving, nakedly revealing testament to the warming vitality of modern astrology."


Astrologer, author or Free Will Astrology


Heading 3